Let me compliment you on an excellent conference. I have attended a lot of conferences over the years and ReuseConex was one of my best experiences.
— Mindy Reed, Director, Recycled Reads | Austin Public Library



ReuseConex is the first and only International Reuse Conference & Expo: A biennial in-person training opportunity that brings together reuse industry leaders and other key stakeholders to learn from each other, network and share best practice. To learn more about ReuseConex, please go to http://reuseconex.org  Discounted registrations are available to allies and supporters of Reuse International, clients of Reuse Consultants, and members of Building Materials Reuse Association and Creative Reuse Association. If you would like to become an outreach partner, and provide these benefits to your constituents - please contact us.

International Reuse Day

The purpose of  "Reuse Day" is to promote the social, environmental and economic benefits of reuse and encourage more people to join the Reuse Movement - working together to create a cleaner environment and greener economy. When YOUR CITY, SCHOOL OR BUSINESS dedicates a day to encouraging its stakeholders to buy, use or donate reusable, reclaimed and remanufactured products - it is helping encourage millions to improve their waste reduction habits at home, school and work. Reuse International is happy to offer a template Reuse Day Proclamation to support YOUR EFFORTS to raise awareness by educating others about the benefits of reuse. We hope that on every October 20th everyone will become better informed about the importance of reuse. Please see our Reuse Library for a copy of the Reuse Day Proclamation.