Global leaders need to acknowledge reuse as a central tenet of sustainability and a significant climate change mitigation strategy. Putting resources behind the reuse movement is the best way to prove they understand this.
— MaryEllen Etienne, President, Reuse International

Welcome to Reuse InTERNATIONAL

Reuse International (formerly Reuse Institute) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing awareness of reuse through educational events, training services and research projects.

Our programming includes:

  • ReuseConex, International Reuse Conference & Expo: Would you like to join us at our biennial, in-person educational event that brings together reuse industry leaders and other key stakeholders to learn from each other, network and share best practice? To learn more about ReuseConex, please click here.

  • Training for Reuse Entrepreneurs & Advocates (Master Reuser): Do you want to develop skills you can bring to your reuse operation? We offer a webinar-based training program called “Master Reuser” that allows us to support the reuse community in cost-effective, time-efficient, and eco-friendly manner. Click here to learn more.

  • Customized Training Opportunities: Do you want your employees and/or constituents to know more about the triple bottom line benefits of reuse? We can create customized reuse training opportunities for your needs, delivered in-person or via webinar. Click here to learn more.

  • Reuse Movement Speakers Bureau: We operate a Speakers Bureau to provide expert speakers for conferences, meetings, training programs, and community, business, and university speaker series. Click here to learn more. 

  • Reuse Library: We curate a collection of reports, articles and other research for the public. Click here to learn more.