The global epoch we have now entered will embrace many forms of wisdom and dialogue, or it will not be. While humans must continue to build on previous accomplishments, this new, global age must also rise to the challenge of creating better and more effective forms of civic and social engagement to solve problems on a world scale. It must create synergies among the living [forms of] knowledge of people from all parts of the world.
— Stephen Huddart


Reuse Defined

The term "reuse" means to extend the life of a product, package or resource by either using it more than once with little to no processing (same or new function), repairing it so it can be used longer, and/or sharing, renting, selling or donating it to/with another party. This definition excludes materials used as a fuel substitute and those used for energy production (i.e. incineration). 

Reuse Library

In order to create more awareness about reuse and the reuse industry, Reuse International curates a collection of open-source reports, articles and other research for the public, including Reuse International's "Reuse Day Proclamation Template", and MaryEllen Etienne's "The REUSE Primer" and "The REUSE Movement Toolkit". Click here to request access. 

Reuse Community Listserv

Take advantage of our free discussion forum for Reuse Community stakeholders. Whether you work in the reuse field (or want to) you can use the listserv to pose a question, share news and events, or just connect with colleagues. Click here to sign up.  

Speakers Bureau

The members of our Technical Advisory Board are available to speak at your special events and conferences about their expertise within the reuse movement. For more information click here.