I can’t think of a better way to put reuse professionals in “one room” to share their success and challenges in the reuse industry. I took away many great ideas to implement in my own organization that I knew had already been “tried and tested” in the field by my peers.
— Jennifer O'Brien, Executive Director, Resource Depot


Our Training Services include our Customized Training, Master Reuser & the World's First Living (Reuse) Lab!

Customized Training | Specialized Training for Employees & Constituents

We train corporate, government and nonprofit stakeholders on the drivers to reuse, what it is/what it isn’t, the triple bottom line benefits of reuse and how to incorporate robust waste reduction and reuse policies and practices into your sustainability efforts and/or zero waste plans. We create customized reuse training opportunities for your needs, and deliver it in-person or via webinar. Fees depend on needs, timeline and delivery style, and can be customized to fit your budget.  To receive more information about these services, please complete our brief online training request form.

Master Reuser | Skills Building Training for Reuse Entrepreneurs & Advocates

Master Reuser, our webinar-based training program, allows us to support the reuse community around the globe in cost-effective, time-efficient, and eco-friendly manner.  Master Reuser encompasses two separate modules of training: Reuse Entrepreneur Training Module (accepting applications now) and Reuse Champion Training Module (coming soon).

  • "Reuse Entrepreneur" Module (or “Master Reuser, RE”). Provided in eight 3-hour sessions, this module is designed for senior managers of reuse enterprises (non-profit and for-profit) as well as unaffiliated individuals who are looking to start a reuse operation. The technical assistance provided not only improves individual skills in strategic thinking, marketing, and project development, it can also improve the effectiveness of the participant’s organization by allowing them to take the skills gained from the program to help train staff and volunteers. NOTES: Space is limited and you must complete an application to be considered for participation in the RE module. To apply to become a “Master Reuser, RE”, click here.  Upon acceptance into the program, we will send you an invoice. You will need to pay the participation fee ($175) in full before the first session.  
  • "Reuse Champion" Module (or "Master Reuser, RC”).  Provided in three 2-hour sessions, this module is expressly designed for anyone who would like to sharpen their reuse knowledge and to learn practical skills that will help them become advocates for the reuse movement and increase the reuse awareness within their community. NOTES: RC training is open to all and there is no application approval process. The development of the RC training module is underway and will be launching soon.

Join us for at world's first "Living Lab" for Reuse!

The Living Reuse Lab will be an intensive 2-3 day on-site training in Ohio. We will offer in-person training, based on our "Master Reuser" training program, and featuring several expert speakers. The training will be followed by a day-long tour of local organizations that can serve as examples of best practices in reuse. Some of the sites we will make available to our trainees include a municipal reuse facility, a large multi-material nonprofit reuse organizations, and several smaller nonprofits which specialize in business apparel, children's clothing and gear, art/teacher resources, and building materials.